Quavo – FUCK 12 lyrics

Who taught you to hate the color of your skin? [Verse 1: Quavo] Fabrics, fabrics (Whoo) Expensive, linen (Linen) Put that bitch in the kitchen, in the kitchen whippin’ Back in the days, I was doin’ lord willin’ Mama gonna kill me, double cup spillin’ (Spillin’) Every time I get the hundo, Will I’m trippin’ Every time your bitch phone rings she workin’ (brr-brr) Get no playin’ time, Kendrick Perkins Rockin’ Timbs like I’m in New Jersey (Jersey) Dubs versus Hawks, took off KD jersey And he scored a 30 Up real early, servin’, servin’, servin’ Fuck that bitch, she a virgin (Smash) Said she had to go to work,… Read More

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