Rich The Kid – Dat Way (feat. Migos) (Keep Flexin Mixtape)

[Intro: Quavo] Yo, yeah, Dat Way I mean, you know this not a diss record I don’t sneak diss This just for the record, just facts [Pre-Hook: Quavo] Your artists be taking my swag I wonder If I can come take some of yours When I go get a new Bentley I just want to double park it on the curb We got the key to the city You niggas ain’t heard, you niggas ain’t heard Lil Yachty brought back us some milli’s It’s time to go splurge, it’s time to go splurge [Hook: Quavo] Uh, yeah, Dat Way Pick up the phone and call Kanye Uh, yeah, Dat Way… Read More

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