Rico Recklezz – Crank That (Soulja Boy Diss)

Rico Recklezz in this hoe. 50 Clip off in that pole. Watch me c*ck this motherf*cker back and let it blow. /Boom./ (x4) /You ain’t no soldier boy./ (x4)(crank that) How the f*ck you a soldier and you ain’t never go to war. You niggas gay, SOD; Sucking On d*ck, what it stand for. Bitch, I’m Rico Recklezz I’m like the boogie man, the Chiraq Landlord. 075 Rugaworld free Stain we posted in front of that store. This nigga Soulja been a bitch his whole life, trynna act like he want smoke. Knowing damn well he put up cause’ every time he pop out he getting poked. Choppa same size… Read More

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