Rich the Kid – Racks Today Lyrics

(Lean) That bitch, I’m smashing it No cappin’, I’m rappin’, I got in an accident (Woo) I crashed it (Crashed it) These niggas was hatin, I passed ’em (I passed ’em) Keep talking, the chopper gon’ blast you (Graow) Outta here like NASA (NASA) Ooh, pick up my plug on the spaceship (Plug) Ain’t got no time for no dumb bitch Like shit, fuck it, I’m dumb rich (Dumb rich) That money, these bitches gon’ come quick [Chorus] I got a check to spend (What?) Ain’t gotta flex, I win (Flex) I said the Maybach a Benz (A Benz) You cappin’, them racks is in (Racks) Fuck a handout, I… Read More

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