Young Thug – Paper Terminator Lyrics

brrr) SK knock you to the moon, that’s my best day (yah, graw! Goin’ out like Elvis Presley (yeah) I’m already legend (oh) I’m already rested Ice on arm, look like a Rollie (oh) I’ll hit that Ginobili (oh) Rollie Pollie Ollie (oh) Remind her of the old me (yeah) Remind that she gotta fuck my slime My bro and woadie (sheesh) You don’t live if you owe me (swea) Wallet chain like some goldies (ice, bling) Bitch, you old wiggin’ (cash) I’ve been told to step it up She on that old shit (cash) AP flooded, one of one And I’m not even sure this it (cash!) If you… Read More

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