Cats Musical – Mr Mistoffelees lyrics

[Intro] Rum Tum Tugger (spoken) You ought to ask Mr. Mistoffelees! The original Conjuring cat There can be no doubt about that. [Verse 1] Please, listen to me, and don’t scoff, all his Inventions are off his own bat. There’s no such cat in the metropolis, He holds all the patent monoplies, For perfoming surprising illusions, And creating eccentric confusion. [Pre-Chorus] (Sang) The greatest magicians have something to learn From Mister Mistoffelees Conjuring Turn [Chorus] And we all say Oh! Well I never was there ever A cat so clever as Magical Mr. Mistoffelees [Verse 2] He is quiet, he is small he is black From his ears to the… Read More

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