Snukkie – Pettiness lyrics

[Intro] Bitch x8 Its Snukkie Bitch and I’m Piped up on these Folks Bruh Its Snukkie Bitch!!! [Hook] x2 Let That Petty Shit Be Petty Fo’ This Lil Shit Get Deadly Stressing Over a Lil Bitch That I Done Piped Down Already Bitch I Call The fucking Shots 1 Phone Call Shit Gon Get Scary Ian with Snapchat Beefin Send your ass Str8 to Heaven [Verse1] Let that Petty shit be Petty Fo’ I Hop Out on Ya Posting all The Pictures of These Guns But who You Pop Lil Homie? Posted Up On Dewey with My Glock Late nights and Early morning Ion Need No Nigga To Fight My… Read More

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