21 Savage – Dirty K (feat. Lotto) (Slaughter King Mixtape) letras

[Hook : 21 Savage] Knife in my face, 30 on my waist Real street nigga, and i keep a Dirty K Hit my first lick, and I found 30k But i blew the shit, bitch i do this shit You can go and ask the streets, cause they know this shit I got ya bitch blowing dick, like a hookah stick And I’m still trapping, and I’m still rapping Im 21 Savage, you pussy niggas average [Verse 1: 21 Savage] You pussy niggas average Y’all niggas so basic I got AK-47’s, I’ll give ya ass a face lift Have you dodging bullets, like neo on The Matrix Skirt Skrrrt, Scrape… Read More

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