NAV – Time Piece Lyrics

Play this song [Chorus: NAV] Timeless timepiece Designer, design me (Yeah) Private jet gon’ fly me That bitch gon’ slide Racks made my pockets look tiny (Racks) VVS’s shining Elliot tryna blind me Can’t see the time (Yeah) On my way to the top, I’m climbing Thought about resigning (Yeah) But the racks remind me (Remind me) My true fans remind me (Remind me) Why don’t you encourage me, instead of burden me? You’re supposed to be lit with me (Lit) But instead, you burnin’ me [Verse 1: NAV] I changed my life (I changed my life) ‘Cause I sacrificed, nightmares in the day (In the day) Sleepless nights (In… Read More

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