Jason Derulo – Dirty Dancing Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Dirty dancing, man Oh yeah! Woo! And I’m feeling like Tony Montana [?], [?] [Verse 1] I got the money, you got that body We were made for each other When you start to shakin’, I start to party Yeah, you’re my kind of lover As soon as I touch you, you’re already on I get that attention, forget about your phone (Okay) [Pre-Chorus] You’re so fucking sexy, I could cry (Could cry) Everybody’s watching as you grind, oh my [Chorus] Like we sexing all over this dance floor Oh, whoa D-d-d-dirty dancing, d-d-d-dirty dancing It’s getting freaky, so disrespectful (Oh, whoa) D-d-d-dirty dancing, d-d-d-dirty dancing… Read More

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