Dae Dae & London On Da Track – Hit The Block

[Intro] Uhm-hmmm Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (We got London on the track) Hahaha, oh I like this one London This one go hard, I’m finna fuck this one up Nah I’ma fuck this up like [Hook] Remember I just blew my first mil (blew it) Rollie gold, put that furniture inside my crib (the newest) Pour a whole full pint in that eight liter (drank) With my teacher, I was flexing hard, go at Keisha (Keisha) Still thinking about that bankroll I just lost (whew) Shooting dice at the loft with my Uncle Knot (uh) Pissed off, I can’t make a number or a shot (fuck) Fuck it,… Read More

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