YNW Melly – YNW Freestyle Lyrics

Play this song [Verse:] Made it through the struggle, got it off the muscle (off the muscle) Wanted Gucci on my buckle, so I had to hustle (hustle, hustle) Stomach growlin’ like a lion, I was really hungry Ain’t nobody wanna help me, got it on my lonely (my lonely) Jaleen that my brother, we like Rich Homie and Thugger Disrespect my whodie, then I’m shootin’ at your mother, huh (your mother) Boy I know you love her, cause’ you fuck without a rubber, huh If that bitch start actin’ up, just go and find another, huh (sheesh) Gucci, Louis, Hermes and Givenchy on my body (yeah) Promethazine and Sprite,… Read More

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