Westside Gunn – Over Gold (feat. Meyhem Lauren)

[Intro] Yeah, yeah Uh The flyest niggas in the world The flyest niggas in the world [Verse 1: Mayhem Lauren] Yo, yo Tri-coloured Cubans, yellow-white rose Savage with a package, leave the whole block froze My posse aims, Versace frames Freshest rebels, precious metals, we not for games Cocaine connects get stretched, I’m not stressed Fox fur covered, kevlar my next vest I’m on the van with ditty-boppin’ My new tape has got the city poppin’ Flooded Jesus piece under the white tee Greg "The Hammer" Valentine, that’s the white me Casually remove the top, I’m in the right V Painting pictures like I’m Spike Lee The brown and tan… Read More

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