Riverdale Cast – Candy Store Lyrics

Or forget the creep And get in my jeep Let’s go tear up someone’s lawn (CHERYL) See, you don’t have it Watch this! Honey, whatcha waitin’ for? You’ve come so far Why now are you yanking on my chain? Skippin’ gym Scaring her Screwing him I like! Did zombies eat your brain? Drinkin’ hard Maxin’ Dad’s credit card I like! Woah! (TONI) Honey, whatcha waitin’ for? Woah! Welcome to my candy store You just gotta prove You’re not a doorknob anymore Then step into my candy store (CHERYL) You can join the team (TONI) Or you can bitch and moan (CHERYL) You can live the dream (TONI) Or you can… Read More

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