Rich the Kid – Racks Out Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] TheLabCook [Chorus] Niggas lyin’ ’bout they flexing, I done did that (I done did that) Niggas showin’ off, it’s cute, now where your bitch at? (Where your bitch?) I been chasin’ after that check, now I can’t miss that (I can’t miss that) Why you cappin’? (What, what?) In that pussy, got her drippin’ (Got her drippin’) She had to leave, he was slippin’ (He was slippin’) I done broke my wrist in the kitchen (In the kitchen) I don’t trust a bitch that say she different (Lil’ bitch) She puttin’ gas in my Wraith (In my Wraith) Yeah the money hide in safe (Hide in… Read More

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