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[Verse 1]
I need you more than I know how to mention
And I’d give forever to get your attention
Be you’re summer midnight with starry blue eyes
That only see you and are yours every night
Ooh, ooh, love’s like this
It’s something I missed
Ooh, ooh, love’s like this
And that small town daydream
Lasted all night
‘Cause tonight all those bright city lights
Just look at you look at me
Heaven looked down to see
We’re falling now
And there’s nothing we ain’t too sure of
Just two kids making up for lost love
[Verse 2]
All of the days that I couldn’t get it right
It all disappeared lying here by your side
With your dirty blue jeans and my crooked smile
You make it look easy changing my life
Heaven had quite the time
To figure this life out
But baby I’ve got mine
To give you everything you dream about
[Repeat Chorus]

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