Ben Faulkner’s funk-ridden and intricate percussion drives the choruses. The Walsall band – Mikey and Ryan Stanton, Jorge Poole, Ben Faulkner, Luke Jones – wrote the song about their honest expressions of the 21st century frustrations we face. “Plenty of people have echoed our thoughts and we are proud of the positivity we have managed to spread.”
ICM has donated £20 to NHS Charities Together, if you would like to donate, please visit their Just Giving page here. ‘Life’ has raised over £800 (at the time of writing) on their Just Giving page which will go towards helping the NHS staff, volunteers and patients impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. Speaking of the current situation, lead singer Mikey said: “Nurses continue to risk their lives for the sake of others, I felt that as an artist I could encourage unity and influence people to try and make a difference. ‘Life’ sees the band on top form, Mikey’s tumultuous vocals soaring over the top of brother Ryan’s piercing atmospherics on guitar. Assisted by a newfound rhythmic drive in the shape of Luke Jones, Bassist Jorge pool toys with the riff adding a frightening depth. Alex Pearson

Indie rock quintet The Assist have released a new single today called ‘Life’ which is raising funds for the NHS Charities Together. “Uncertainty loomed and suddenly we all had a purpose, I’d like for this song to resemble a period in history that will be remembered for the contributions of everyone when it mattered most.”

The Assist are one of the UK’s most established underground groups, and have redefined the boundaries of independent music with their acclaimed kaleidoscopic styles, fresh impetus, hope and melody. Speaking of the song, the band said, “Not enough people use their platform to promote a positive message, few things create unity like music does and as artists we felt it was our duty to try and make a difference, we always try to say something.

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