Alex Pearson
Any profits made will help fund the next compilation and to the venue. 

Volume One tracks are:

1 – Cusp – You are not alone

2 – Phantom Isle – Whip

3 – JJ Moon – Dazed

4 – The Comms – Pulled Apart

5 – Naked Next Door – Trying to get through

6 – Weird Milk – You

7 – Low Girl – ICU

8 – So So Sun – Paradise

9 – Sarpa Salpa – Paralysed

10 – Our Man In The Bronze Age – Out of the beginning

11 – Harvey Dormer – Spiders

12 – Enjoyable Listens – Summer Hit

13 – The Mezz – California

14 – Ethan Schenks – Baby, lets just dance! Live music has been severely crushed for most of 2020 and it’s still continuing into 2021 with many independent venues having to battle hard to survive. 

Some have fallen, but the Craufurd Arms in Milton Keynes is able to continue thanks to the generosity, love and support thousands have given to the venue. For physical CDs at £7 from their store click here. That’s why Jason Hall and his team have produced a compilation album featuring 16 acts. 

Volume One is the first in the series of albums which will be available on CD and through Bandcamp. 

The album features music from Sarpa Salpa, Weird Milk, The Mezz and more as each artist has allowed their tracks to be used. 

Speaking about the project, Jason said: “It’s our absolute love for music keeping us all going, as well for us, a huge sense of pride, belief and commitment to being the very best grassroots venue we can be for you, and to carry on championing, supporting and exposing the quite amazing talent from all around our area. 

“This is what we do and we take this duty extremely seriously.”

All of the artist featured have played at the Craufurd Arms in the past couple of years. However, more needs to be done. 15 – Tours – Wanna’ make you mine

16 – Tragic – Walking

To purchase a digital copy for £5 on Bandcamp click here. Share

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