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It’s an absolute classic Northern Soul song – heavy beat, fast tempo underground soul music.”

The Jaded Hearts Club have more new recordings in the pipeline, and are eager to play more regular shows once circumstances allow. The original song’s history is one of the more curious tales in rock ‘n’ roll history and dates back to 1965. 

Frank Wilson was poised to release the single under Berry Gordy’s label Tamla Motown, until he had a change of heart; destroying almost every copy in the process. 

However, Wilson, who instead became a producer, later bootlegged the song. It subsequently became a favourite on the Northern Soul scene after a number of bootleg copies were distributed to DJs. 

Original copies, however, are so rare that one fetched £100,000 at auction last year. The original version is one of the most collectable records in existence, with Record Collector describing it as “the holy grail of Northern soul collecting”. All-star collective The Jaded Hearts Club return with their new single ‘Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)’ in a subtle stylistic evolution. 

It’s the groups first studio recording since their 2020 debut album ‘You’ve Always Been Here’ and the ‘Live At The 100 Club’ album earlier this year. Featured image by Tom Oxley

Share This time around, The Jaded Hearts Club have reimagined the timeless Northern Soul vibe for 2021, with an irresistible blast of pounding, dancefloor-igniting percussion, raucous live instrumentation, and huge call-and-response vocals. The band, originally formed by guitarist Jamie Davis to perform at his birthday party, also features Miles Kane (The Last Shadow Puppets), Nic Cester (Jet), Graham Coxon (Blur), Matt Bellamy (Muse) and Sean Payne (The Zutons). “It’s great to have a chance to bring this song back to life, it seems so simple but there is so much talent on the original recording. Another copy, a rare test pressing, is owned by Jack White, whose Third Man Records labels reissued the single as part of 2018’s Record Store Day celebrations. Nic Cester says: “The story behind Frank Wilson and how this masterpiece was made and lost is fascinating in itself. It’s carefree, escapist, feel-good fun – the perfect soundtrack as a big night out takes on a life of its own. But you can’t keep a good song down and ‘Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)’ is now recognised as a classic – and one that was eventually certified Silver in the UK just last year, over five decades after it was first recorded.

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