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Directed by filmmaker, James Slater, the video set follows the band around their native North West in a vintage station wagon, journeying between Wigan and Blackpool in the pursuit of the colourful characters who call it home. 

Yet, in the end, it was the North West and its cast of eccentrics that eventually had to come to The Lathums after they heard the band’s call for help after the first attempt was shut down, leaving a second attempt short of performers. Slater explains: “I wanted the video to be a celebration of the different passions and personalities in the area where the band are from. A journey through a magical north. 

“We hit some snags, including losing some Line Dancers, but somehow a troop of ballroom dancers answered our distress call and travelled from all across the North West to replace them and do the Cha Cha Cha! 

“Our new cast ended up including a wrestler, some figure roller skaters, northern soul dancers, an Elvis impersonator, a drag queen and some Alpacas.”

For album details and tour dates read our previous story on The Lathums’ announcement here. In the meantime, check out the video below. Share Following the announcement of their highly anticipated debut album, Wigan outfit The Lathums complete the video for their latest single ‘I’ll Get By’. 

A troupe of ballroom dancers were amongst volunteers who rallied to help the poetic indie angels, which seemed doomed by a storm of Covid-19 complications. 

However, the power of community spirit prevailed; the colourful cast of performers responded to a last-minute, open call after the original shoot stalled. 

‘I’ll Get By’ finds the popular four-piece scattering more seeds of their trademark, smile-wide optimism and celebrating life-giving harvest that only true friendship can bring. 

That the good-hearted people of northern England turned up in The Lathums time of need to play the starring role when all seemed lost has conjured up an unforeseen, yet fitting finale.

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