‘Holiday’ is the first track to be lifted from T Truman’s debut EP, set for release later this year, co-written and co-produced by friend and long-term collaborator Geoff Roberts. “It looks like an Anchorman feat. He confidently repeats lines like “let tomorrow take care of itself’ and “I’m just a typical guy” as if they’re disclaimers for his attitude. He admits, “If I were to take the lyrics completely seriously, I don’t think I’d like me.”
Debut single ‘Holiday’ paints a care-free picture of a nihilistic life and talks about seeking success without wanting to work for it. T Truman builds his elaborate compositions from his London home or on the road, adding layers and ideas sporadically until he’s happy, before bringing the tracks to the studio to add finishing touches; with ex-Vaccines drummer Pete Robertson adding drums on the track. Featured image by Dane Falkstrom  “It’s an approach I resonate with but equally despise,” T Truman notes. Attempting to escape complete accountability for his lyricism, Lanham created T Truman as his very own writing scapegoat. Timothy also directed the unashamedly DIY music video for ‘Holiday’ trapped in his family home in Australia during COVID19. Joe Exotic unofficial tribute video, but that’s what you get when you leave me in self-isolation with a handycam,” added Timothy. Channelling 70s piano-pop artists such as Todd Rundgren and Elton John, Lanham has emerged as the man behind the music. Neatly bridging the gap between 70s pop rock and modern indie, he has an undeniably tight grasp of melody and song construction. Alex Pearson

The Vaccines keyboardist Timothy Lanham has announced his new solo project T Truman by sharing his debut single ‘Holiday’.

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