Alex Pearson
We started to put all of our ideas and WhatsApp recordings into demos that Bren mixed on Logic. 

“Being able to listen back to the demos as we wrote them definitely helped us to refine our songwriting and improve our sense of progression in our music. Following the release of new single ‘Out of the Silence’, Dublin alternative-rock newcomers TV People have announced their debut EP, ‘Nothing More’ will be released later this month. 

Having begun work on their debut EP, ‘Nothing More’ back in March 2020, the five-track release documents a long period of challenges and hardships for TV People. Want to learn more about TV People? Working alongside an all-star team including Dan Doherty at Darklands Audio (Fontaines D.C., Vulpynes), Christian Wright at Abbey Road Studios (Radiohead, Blur, LCD Soundsystem) and Grammy award winning Caesar Edmunds (QOTSA, St. From the sharp attention to detail in the brooding, post-punk intensity of 2020 singles ‘Nothing More’ and ‘String’ through to the piercing gloom of new single ‘Out of the Silence’, TV People are a band learning from their own personal challenges, growing from their insecurities and maturing into a key component of Dublin’s acclaimed music scene. The EP is a testament to their ability to adapt and grow even in the most difficult of situations. “Because of lockdown, we had to write apart from each other at home. ‘Nothing More’, the debut EP from TV People is released digitally on Thursday 26th August via Blowtorch Records, and will be released physically later in 2021. “We have been working on this EP for the majority of the pandemic, and wrote and recorded four of the five tunes on it since March 2020,” explained the band. Featured image by Nicholas O’Donnell

Share Watch the music video for ‘Out of the SIlence’ below. Providing themselves with a purpose during a time when most felt lost, the band candidly explore themes of disconnection, angst and existential anxiety whilst trying to inject optimism and hope into their sound and themselves in equal measure. Read our introductory interview here. Vincent, PJ Harvey); the band, formed in 2019’s dark and gritty, defining sound has seen them compared to names like Interpol and Editors. “The last year has been really difficult for everyone in different ways, and we were really lucky to have this project to work on to give us a sense of purpose during that time. We’d then meet up before recording to get a bit of organic energy into the tunes.” 

With a lot of the EPs themes based around the disconnection and existential anxiety of the recording process, the songs add a sense of hope and optimism for the future.

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