Or is he black? I guess it don’t matter
Just as long as he a pussy mat
Player pimp pulling up in a killer Cadillac
He’s mine he’s mine I want em all the time
The pussy belong to him no ninety-nine
He on that gangster shit
He give me gangster dick
Oh what am I to do? I’ve two keys in my hand
One is for your man the other’s for my wagon
My escape wagon X3
Now watch me disappear when this rave is done
[Verse 3: Eskimo]
Four figure digit outfit no shit
Patek on the wrist now you know it’s legit
Ice around the neck
Gold on the kicks
I never carry weapons but the boys stay equipped
Don’t ask why pal it has to be done
Married women wanna suck me like a Capri-sun
They want the young bull
They want me I run the clubs while their beer-belly fellas are running straight to the club, (Gangsta, Gangsta)
I won’t sleep on a bed if the sheets aren’t silk
Sleep with a youngone if I know she’s not filth
All day sitting on me hole no guilt
All day bitching in me ear I’m not built to be dealing with no hood rat
They love me but I can’t love back
Asking will I ever come back? Play this song
[Intro: Coolio]
Yo cuz, Ringsend and Compton on a track… What the fuck’s up with that? I never come back
[Chorus: Casper]
[Outro: Coolio]
Ringsend and Compton
You always knew it was gonna happen
Ringsend.. Now I got a gangster clit
Do it well all the time make the pussy swell
Then it’s back to the house in the beat
With no pussy smell
[Bridge: Casper]
Make a bomb in the kip then make that shit blow
Fucking pretty women and I’m dipping out their window
[Chorus: Casper]
She drop it low and she’s teasing man
But I can never love I’m too freezing man
Darling please understand
Your fella wants a go is he bleeding mad? Cool’s got the big bollox
Step back ‘fore he fills you full of hollow tips
[Verse 2: Coolio]
Pitty pat, pitty pat
Hard on the kitty cat
Triple X got the pussy gushing on a kitty mat
Pretty face, long hair thighs and the titties fat
Got her ass screaming who is he? [Verse 1: Casper]
Where I come from bricks get danced on
Then sold by the fellas with the amps on
To be bought to be bought by moi
So I get me hole quicker than a tampon
I never gave a bollox about politics
Cause all I ever wanted was me bollox
Mr. the Compton of Europe
Drink some syrup
The Compton of Europe
Ringsend Where’d you get him at? Then she start yelling it don’t matter just don’t put him back, got the pussy full is he Irish?

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