2. A quick reminder that the NHS Covid Pass status is granted via one of the 3 situations below:

1. Being vaccinated (with two weeks passing since the final dose). If you are not an “exception”, we would recommend that you go to your app store and set up the pass as quickly as possible as this will be by far the simplest way to get through the 110 gates. 110 Above Festival is an intimate three-day festival that never fails to impress on their lineups and 2021’s is a belter. Natural immunity (between 10 and 180 days after positive PCR test). COVID-19 INFORMATION

We realise that Covid-19 is still not behind us so we would like to update you on our position to help ensure we can make this year’s festival as safe as possible as well as prevent risks of not being able to go ahead. If you haven’t seen that information head to the bottom of this article for the details. We’ve been huge fans of Amber Run since their debut EP Spark in 2014 and, despite losing two members, the band are still going strong with new releases ‘52 Blue’ and ‘Ride’. The festival takes place 12th-15th August 2021 at Gopsall Hall Farm, Leicestershire, CV9 3QJ and is known as “Indies best secret”. Thanks to your feedback we are also mindful that not everyone is able to access the NHS Covid Pass so we’ll operate an exceptions process that will resolve certain challenges such as those travelling from abroad. Pass is valid for a period of 48 hours. We’d suggest ordering your lateral flows as soon as possible and doing a couple of trial runs (it’s quite straightforward). Negative lateral flow tests (you can order for free or pick up from the chemist). We want to make certification as simple as possible and ensure our little festival is still as accessible as ever to EVERYONE. 3. With just less than three weeks to go until 110 Above Festival, it looks like music lovers who have been dying to see live music for 18 months will get their chance. 

Thursday, August 12th is the date to save in your diary as one of the UK’s biggest indie secrets will host more than 50 artists including headliners Sports Team, The Amazons and Sundara Karma. At ICM, we love so so many so the artist performing but if we were asked to chose our top three artists you shouldn’t miss it would be Scottish indie kings The Snuts who released their number 1 album ‘W.L.’ this year, Bedfordshire newcomer Alfie Templeman and indie pop sensation Sam and Sounds. The festival gets underway with intimate performances from Bess Atwell, The Howl & The Hum, Junodream and Tayo Sound. Final wave tickets are still available via www.110above.com/tickets   

Follow 110 Above Festival on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and online at www.110above.com to keep yourself in the loop. Headlining on Thursday is Nottingham’s Amber Run, known for their spine-tingling acoustic performances. We will be releasing more information, including FAQs this weekend but should you have an urgent query before then please email covid@110above.com

Share So get prepared to hear those! 

Back in January, 110 Above Festival asked its supporters to vote for two artists to win a chance to perform at Gopsall Hall Farm, Leicestershire. Three acts were invited to play; East Midlands 2-piece Indie-Pop band Tin Pigeons, Indie-Rockers, The White Lakes and 60’s influenced Weird Milk. Having digested relevant guidance, liaised with local authorities, and listened to your feedback, we will be introducing COVID-19 certification, principally by means of the NHS Covid Pass (accessed via the NHS App). On Thursday (July 22nd) the festival updated festival-goers on their Covid-19 situation to ensure everyone attending stays safe.

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