You can see him live this weekend at Shaggy and Friends on the lawns of Jamaica House. The entire interview was well received with the music icon opening up about a lot of topics. “Do you know why I like Vybz Kartel so much,” Wyclef said. But before he graced the stage, he had a sit down with Winford Williams on OnStage where he opened up about local talents and the heavy usage of reggae/dancehall in mainstream music currently. Clef said that the whole investigation was a smear campaign to take down his presidential bid. He started out by clearing up some rumors about his foundation Yele Haiti after a New York-based state attorney conducted an investigation over financial irregularities. Wyclef Jean also spoke about his new album Carnival 3, going on tour next year, and his presidential bid for Haiti. Wyclef Jean is a big fan of Vybz Kartel and here is why he has so much respect for the incarcerated dancehall icon. Related Posts

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Listen Vybz Kartel New Explicit Single “Yabba Dabba Do” “Because he understands this, at the end of the day right, if I can’t sell you a CD right now and you said man Clef can’t sell music no more but guess what I know I can sell you for sure, a Wyclef guitar.”
The former Fugee frontman spoke at length about Caribbean artists talent and their need to understand the music business fully in order to push their careers to the top. Despite the heavy sampling of Jamaican music by international acts, very few local artists are making it to the mainstream like Shaggy and Sean Paul did. “This is what I want kids to understand, the music business is a 360, when you coming in now create a brand, do not be just an artist no more, become a brand,” he said. Clef is currently in Jamaica for the upcoming Shaggy and Friends benefit concert this weekend in Kingston.

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