Big ass Glock, he steppin’ in Giuseppe
Wanna kiss, bitch wait a second
I’m too fuckin’ reckless (fuckin’ reckless)
I’m [?]
Melly and Melvin, two face
Melly and Melvin, two face
Melly and Melvin, two face
Melly and Melvin, two face
Marvin and Melvin, two face
Marcus and Melvin, two face [Intro:]
I am 2 faced slime, slime
I commit all melly crime
I will never let him, drop a dime
Melvin kill you, and he do the time
[Verse 1:]
I’mma slime ball
Watch your back, we a slime yall
Uh, uh I’m a slime ball, uh
Watch your back, we a slime yall
I’m a slime ball, and I’ll admit it dawg
Pullin’ up, give it all, let me get it all
Your bitch she a thot, and I know on the low
She gon’ fuck on me and all my bros
Bend it over, and bust it
Up that tooly no discussion
Niggas sayin’ that, they wit it
Niggas sayin’ that, they solid
Ooh, all these god damn bodies
So many killings in the room, it’s like 13 bodies
In here, these niggas know, we don’t play
I don’t want you to say no mo
Don’t wanna say no mo
Don’t wanna play no mo (play no mo)
Don’t wanna play no mo (play no mo)
[Verse 2:]
I am Melvin, yeah
I’m really steppin’, yeah
The Smith & Wesson, yeah
I want the F&N out
Give me that
Give me racks
I’m cockin’ the Simi-back
I’m bustin’ it at your ass
No cap, no cap, bitch
I ain’t with the rap shit
Nigga want pressure we pull up, hol’ up
That was a sneak diss
Hol’ up, wait, wait, bitch
Do you like [?] this
This your best friend and on Twitter, and he was like “yeah, just tweet this”
And you’ll die ’bout to sneak diss, damn
Young nigga popped this shit, you niggas the opposite
They run from the cops and shit
Don’t snitch to the cops
Don’t fuck wit the opps
You niggas don’t want it
You gamblin’ wit your life (wit your life)
She fuckin’ on Melly, babe
She said, she like minds
And I didn’t even see [?]
I hit it [?] for some merchandise (some merchandise)
Do you want to rock with Melvin?

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