It’s MA, it’s Red Life baby
OOOUUU [Intro]
Red life baby
Suu whoop
[Verse 1]
I keep a bad bitch not a catfish (okay)
My last bitch, left her in the past tense (okay)
Thotiana, real name Tatiana (okay)
Body like Rihanna but she not Rihanna (no way)
I make the pussy wet she need a mopi-ana (oooh)
When she bust down make her butt sound like a Glock-iana
She love it when I eat the boxi-iana (oooh)
Make her body jerk, legs lock-iana (oooh)
I beat the pussy then I beat the block-iana (beat it)
‘Cause bitch I gotta get back to the guap-iana (beat it)
She my trap queen call her Trapiana (oooh)
And we strap-iana never like the honor
I hit her from the back she got the fatty on her (oooh)
She can turn a bad day into a happy hour (ayy)
And she got that coochie oochie wallie wallie (ayy)
And my shmoney dance then I catch her body (shmoney)
Me you and Hennessy do not try me (try me)
I just wanna put my face in that punani (brrr)
We don’t love Headphanie we don’t love no thotties (nope)
She put my name on it she my walking ID (oooh)
Kill the kitty now she a walking zombie (okay)
Make the pussy drip drip drip drip like a IV
OOOUUU Thotiana half-savage half-primadonna (ahh)
I don’t want the check if I don’t see a comma (no-no)
When I see her pussy I see the Bahamas
You wanna cry in a Bentley you’ll cry in Honda
You want the steak and lobster or you want McDonald’s
Bitch make a choice ’cause it’s either either
She said she sticking with a nigga like Benihanas (yeah)
Paparazzi taking pictures of us
A nigga said she should’ve duck quicker Lori-ana (Ooooh I see you baby)
I told her put the hoodie on I was tryna hide her
Homie tricking on her I just bought her flowers (facts)
Before I buy a bitch I need to know her mileage
50K or more she a thotiana (yeah she a thot)
And every nigga drive her, no, no, no that’s a nada (no no)
We ain’t buying Gucci, we ain’t buying Prada (no no)
Let’s get it!

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