I know the answer like a very important color
I leave the pussy nigga death no charger
And im smoking kushy kushy like jorder flooded than we take a order
Got a whole lotta rich nigga man no voice, no voice yeah
Serve a lot of muhfuckers to the front and back door trust
Go to waist nigga kushy smell in the market
Momma had a hundred bands when i mail her
Ever since the first day she never been taller
They just tryna book us all ever since the day im cooking dawgs
She just wanna nut inside her trouser
She just wanna sucky sucky my girls and my boys
She just wanna sucky sucky till i say oh lord
She gon suck it call my money longer than a cord
Momma pussy soaking wet i feel like im abort
Lil bitch tryna record
Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up
Hold up, hold up
[Verse 2:]
Take two
I come with a few just in case you looking like you do
Imma pull up to the set with my nigga jayroo
Pussy nigga now im big and in it with my piru
Lame bitches know im not gone fuck her they the sue
Imma catch a? Woah woah woah, yeah
Woah woah woah
Woah woah woah
Woah woah woah
We got London on da Track
[Verse 1:]
Imma charge her like a dodger
Bae im way smarter than marter
Brand new Cadillac with the spoiler
Ain’t playing games like im at the quarters
They say, they say im mean like my father
Imma fuck a nigga bitch and catch your daughter
A lot of rings on my finger like a lodder
Alot of bling living like the? with them wiping like a troup
Hop inside a foreign car tearing up the roof
Imma slide ride pass em cause they do not sell like you
420 getting geeked out my mind, hey
420 imma pop em my spine, hey
420, 420, 420 nigga, 420, 420
Alka setzer plus when i was standing on the block i serve the J
Nigga coming back to my whoadie and my nigga but i come and then i lay
Going to the school nigga blood nigga know im bitches late
So geeked out my mind for a wet T-C
Got a pocket full
Nose in my ring like a fucking bull

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