I was in the back where they left me at
Nigga you don’t know me where you seen me at?
I be on the court where my team be at
You be on the sidelines where the cheerleaders be at
You know I’m always busy chasin’ greenbacks
I double back, I’m the hitman with double straps
And now I got yo’ chick high ’cause I got the sack
I’m switchin’ lanes, doin’ donuts in a Pontiac
Niggas claim they spitters where yo’ bars at?
If he ain’t talkin’ ’bout no money I won’t call back
I call Ricky, he pull up now yo’ skull cracked
I call Momo he pull up with that big mac
I’m smokin’ strong like a six pack
These niggas lie so I got no choice but to spit facts
I’m the last of my kind
I’m stackin’ every penny I could never drop a dime
And I can tell when you lyin’
I’m writin’ music on the plane just to make the time fly
Bitch I might do a drive-by
When I’m askin’ for my money better look me in my eye
And keep it real don’t lie
Tell me how you fucked it up tryna eat the whole pie
Fake niggas I despise
I can’t even trust a chick ’cause she only want my prize
I gotta eat so I’m want the supersize
One minute they with you then they wanna scrutinize
And I don’t like to socialize
I smoke OG ’til I got the China eyes
I was smoked out before it was legalized
And I can spot a hater with my eagle eyes
And you don’t even wanna battle
From the Wild, Wild, South, I might pull up on my saddle
You know I rose out the gravel
Only God can judge me, fuck a man with a gavel
You know how I’m comin’
Bang Camp Drumming, it’s nothin’

I just, I just, you know
I could’ve killed the last two bars, but it’s Simmie Season
Niggas know what it is
I mean, bow

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